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Thankful for Prayer

I go through seasons. Seasons of loving what I do and really wanting to hang out with girls and seasons of feeling like I just want to move to the suburbs and get a desk job. In those dry moments I earnestly seek God begging him to give me passion for what He has called me to.

This week has been a season of loving what I do and feeling encouraged. I was thinking about why that was today and God reminded me “Heather, there are people praying for you.” Wow, what an unbelievable blessing that is. I am so grateful.

“So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” Acts 12:5

And please continue to pray, God is moving…

“I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.” Romans 15:30


Least Likely

I often feel like I am most unlikely candidate to be mentoring girls in a gang infested, Hispanic hood. After all I am a white girl from the suburbs, but today on one of my pastor’s blog I was reminded that “likelihood is a non-factor”.

I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe God could actually use me to heal a blind man (Mark 10: 46-52)

I don’t believe God could actually use me to rain down fire on idols (1 Kings 18:20-40)

I don’t believe God could actually use me raise the dead (Matthew 9:18-26)

I don’t believe God could actually use me to part the Red Sea (Exodus 14)

I don’t believe God could actually use me to slay a giant (1 Samuel 17)

I don’t believe God could actually use me to feed 5000 with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (Matthew 14:13-21)

BUT yet I am just like Elijah (James 5:17)  and for that matter just like Moses and Paul and David.  Jesus says we will do greater things then He (John 14:12) SO I REPENT and confess my unbelief because….

I want to see God heal young women of past hurt

I want to see God rain down fire on the millions of idols in Little Village

I want to see God raise dead souls to life in Christ

I want to see God unite the warring gangs

I want to see God slay sin and unite families

I want to see God feed the masses who live below the poverty line


Do I Really Trust Him?

One thing I have been learning this past year is do I really trust Jesus? More and more I feel like these past 5 years have been Jesus asking me “Do you trust me ?” When the whole time I was asking “where am I going?” He kept replying, “Do you TRUST ME?”

This blog post on the Desiring God website was encouraging to me.

What Really is Transition???

Last week at community group, we studied Mark 4:35-41. This passage talks about Jesus calming the storm while the disciples are freaking out. While we were looking at this passage and studying it, someone mentioned that Jesus and the disciples were at a place of transition– going from one city to the next–and even there Jesus was with them and was teaching them, even there God had a purpose.

I have often felt frustrated that the last 10 years of my life have been one transition to the next and I keep waiting for the “one” thing God is calling me to. But as I look back on, even, the last 3 years God has taught me SO much! I don’t think God sees it the way I do. Sure, there are “transitions” in life, in the sense that I am constantly moving from one thing to the next. But I am learning that it is all part of God’s plan to sanctify me,  his plan to teach me and grow, His plan to make much of HIS name in Apple Valley, Peru, Chicago, Minneapolis, Africa and Los Angeles. He has ordained all of this. God has called me to Los Angeles right now, maybe not tomorrow, but right now I am here and it is where God has called me and perhaps I will never make it to that “one” mysterious place. But for today, may I be faithful and not worry about tomorrow.

I am so often like the disciples. The instance a storm or difficulty or things aren’t going the way I thought- I freak out. But God replies, “Heather, I am faithful. Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

“Leaders Who Last”

I have been asked to attend a Forum in Orlando to help determine the future of Here’s Life Inner City. I am really excited about this opportunity.  Prior to attending the forum, I have been asked to read “Leaders Who Last” by Dave Kraft. I started reading it this morning and I am LOVING it.  Here are a few quotes I have enjoyed so far.

“Local churches are well populated with leaders who are good teachers, sensitive counselors, and detailed administrators. These roles and functions are necessary. But we need much more than that- oh, so much more! We desperately need visionary leaders like Paul, who said to Agrippa, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:19).” Page 24

“As a leader, everything I am and everything I do needs to be anchored in my identity with Christ.” Page 29

“When I read the book of Acts, that’s what I see: boldness, fire, fearlessness, and convictions worth dying for; not obsession with safety or comfort, but pure, unadulterated love for Jesus and for the vision he left us…Away with the ice! Bring on the fire that consumes, burns way the dross and gives light and life to a dying world.” Page 55

Tickets are Bought and our Hosts are Ready!

My dad called me today to let me know that everything is all set up for our trip to Africa!!! Our plane tickets are bought and our rides to and from the airport and out to the villages are all set up.  We leave a week from Monday.  I cannot believe it.  So much of this trip has not set in yet.  I have always wondered what it would be like to go to Africa and now it is actually happened.  As I have mentioned time and time again I cannot wait to see how God uses this trip to direct my future.  Please continue to be in prayer!